Success in progressSuccess can sometimes threaten the people that are closest to us. Many times it can because these people care or at least say they care. I know when I describe what I mean here, then a lot of people will really agree. You start a new fitness plan or a new business, and friends question why you are doing it. They mention to you that a lot of people do that and fail, be it losing 30 pounds or starting a business they deem a scam. They then proceed to give you every reason why it fail, in hopes that they have crushed every last little bit of drive that you may have had to complete the task. Then, once you are humbled, they tell you to trust them, that they are doing this because they care. Besides, no one ever really reaches their dreams.

I’m here to tell you that they are no doing it because they care, but rather, they are doing so because they feel threatened by you. As an individual, though you have some struggles, we all do, you are innovating and changing something, but there is an issue with this. If you change, you make your own survival better than theirs,and now they must bring you back down. Why? They feel that if you achieve what you are driving for, then they will have to change,. and that is something that they do not want to do. So, crushing your dreams and holding you down is the next best option for them. I know, I’ve been there.

Goals are very important, do not put a date and an actual achievement down, and you will not get there. It’s like driving a car to some place new without a map. However, I want to tell you also to take joy in the journey. On your journey, you will have some of the most amazing experience, moments  you will remember for the rest of you life. The people that come into your life during this time, need to be throughly vetted, because they may just be pulled in by your quest to come in an pull you down; be strong. The people you will meet and have experiences with is also the best part of the journey. These are people that you will have common experiences, successes and failures with, driving for a common goal. These are most likely the relationships you will have the rest of your life. These real friendships, I promise you, will be better than the ones you lost because you had to drive for some better life, in an facet.

I encourage you one thing: Flourish and Prosper. You may not be great now, but you will be.