Motivate-yourself-nowWhat motivates us is a question we should be asking ourselves on a daily basis. I think we fail to ask ourselves the most important question that can be asked: why am I doing this? Most people really do not know what motivates them on their quest. It is impossible to reach a goal that is either not clear or has reason for getting you there. You may want to lose ten pounds, but what significants do you attach to that? Why are you doing it? Well, you may find that the real answer is that all your life you have not been able to wear a bikini and you feel that ten pounds may allow you to do that. The emotional power that is attached to this is the actual fuel that will help you reach your goal. A goal without emotion is dead. Do you want your quest to be dead?

To create your roadmap to whatever it may be in life or business, you need to start at why you are doing it before you can decide where you are headed. The emotional power will make this real, without emotion it cannot be believed. You cannot achieve something that you cannot be believed. There may be times where you may limit yourself and doubt your goal. Without an emotional attachment, a feeling of all in for some greater purpose, you will most likely quit. Quitters are people that play the victim and claim it is everyone’s fault but their own. Take responsibility for your actions and your emotions and use them to your advantage. Create huge goals, and the emotional attachment will drive you. If that goal does not scare you it will not push you to growth, and real emotional attachment to the end game does not exist.

Quitters are those that live life without emotion, which can really guide you to your greater purpose. So, I want to tell you today if you really want to unlock your full potential, if you really want to reach that goal, and not complain on the way there, then attach it to emotion. Goals that are dead are attached to dead people. You create life, why not be fully responsible for it, and use the emotions it creates to help you achieve your goals; they are so much sweeter in the end. What motivates you? I know what motivates me.