morningMorning rituals, I find many of the most successful people to have them. However, many people start the morning in a bad mood, without a plan and get in a box for an extended period of time, to drive to a box cubicle, just to drive home in the same box and start again. Well, owning your own business and creating leverage can change that, but lets start first with approaching the  day with a better you.

Many of the most successful people have a morning ritual of exactly what they will do to approach the day in a more pleasant way as well as to be more able to handle the world. If you start the day angry or out of sorts, how successful do you think the day will be? Now, That ritual is going to be different for everyone, but here’s how I start my day:

1. Wake Up Early and list out my goals; I’ll finish the day with this too.

2. Take 30 breaths to increase the oxygen flowing into my body and help it to wake up.

3. Drink 32 oz of water, this will help with dehydration, especially if you wake up with a headache.

4. Drink my multivitamin, OPC 3 and B Complex. B vitamins help to naturally increase your energy levels.

5. Take a shower, hot to open the pores.

6. Take the time to sit down and eat breakfast, if you miss this, you will definitely not be feeling so well.

Starting the day in a consistent way everyday, will help you to be more productive, successful and just be a happier person. Don’t take my word for it, start with your own morning ritual on this transformation Tuesday, and transform your life.