photo-1441716844725-09cedc13a4e7There’s a secret out there that a lot of people don’t seem to know. However, the interesting thing about it, is that once you notice it, it seems so simple. Its the secret to sales, the secret to relationships  and the secret to life. This is something that can solve all your problems, create more success and help you learn who shouldn’t be in your life.

The secret is communication.

People will tell you all you could ever want to know about them in the way that they communicate. Its something that for the longest time I just could not seem to believe but the funny thing is, the more observed, the more I learned it was true.

When we look at people in our lives its the one’s that say things because they ‘care,’ that should concern us the most. That parent that tells you that you shouldn’t attempt something because you can get hurt, may not really have you in their best interest. It will help you to grow, and become a better person. Its through the challenges that we grow and become better and more skilled person. All entrepreneurs did things that were crazy that ‘caring’ people told them not to attempt because it was no good for them.

I had a friend that is no longer in my life that always heckled because he wanted the ‘best’ for me, but when I really looked at it, they really didn’t want the best for me. They told me I shouldn’t go to college so that I wouldn’t suffer the pain of not getting through it. They told me that I shouldn’t play baseball, because I wasn’t very good, and they didn’t want me see me suffer sitting on the bench.

People will tell you all the things that you want to know about them in the way that they communicate. If someone deals in making you feel negative or tells you that they are doing things for your own good is the person that you want to avoid. This is the person that seems to be the one that would never happen to you, but behind you back they talk about you negatively to others. If you ever approached this person, they would make you feel like a jerk for even thinking such a thing. When a person becomes this defensive, is t most likely because you caught them in the act.

The funny thing about these people is that they are never good in your life; not even sparingly. You may be very friendly with them, but once you discover this about them, no matter how painful, you are better without them.

You should treat your space as the most sacred thing that you have, because the wrong person in it can take you down with them. Its not to say that this person is evil or wants horrible things for you, sometimes they can’t help it themselves. This person at a reactionary level needs to see you brought down, because they feel threatened by your success. If they do better, then they have to do better, so to bring you down or to make you less successful, because then they can feel ok. They can sit there the fat American drinking beer and watching football, and feel pretty good about it because you are doing the same or worse.

You want to predict the future? Learn to observe the communications of others, they will teach you everything that you ever wanted to know by watching them. Treat this as an art form; the truly successful people do and they treat their space as sacred.