The Fat conspiracy has been going on for way too long! Don’t eat too much fat or you’ll get fat! Have you been involved in the conspiracy? The low fat diet phase has strongly been coming in since the late 70’s, but it is entirely misled. Yes, it is true, that a low fat diet can keep you skinny, to a point, but then again people entirely neglect the correct fats. I’m not a huge proponent of paleo, mainly because there are some foods that haven’t been around since the dawn of man, that my life would be a bit incomplete without.

  1. It helps mental function
  2. It helps you get skinny
  3. It makes you more anabolic
  4. Keeps you fuller longer

So, what have we heard in the past? I makes you fat, it raises your blood pressure and cholesterol; this is true to a point. One of the fats that a lot of people miss out on is butter, and its actually due to poor education. This article will be focusing mainly on butter and Medium Chain Triglycerides, the fats most people are not aware of or just get a poor name in the press. Most people were never made aware that there are two types of butter: grass fed and corn fed. You may not think so, but what your cow is fed makes a huge difference.

Lets think of it this way, if you eat a lot of bad fat, then you get fat, then it makes sense that what your cow eats changes the product it produces. Typically, butter is made from corn fed cows and also has additional salt added to it, mainly because corn fed butter doesn’t quite taste right. Corn is used since it is very¬†cheap feed that allows for farmers to grow their animals quicker and more successfully. The problem is that the butter and milk products that are created from this, are high in the wrong types of fat, and also sodium drives blood pressure way up.

Corn fed butter is missing a very major byproduct and that is a natural form of CLA. CLA is a fat that burns other fat, mainly around the midsection. Corn fed butter does not have their nutrient, only grass fed butter does, that being said, it should be a very important part of your diet, but mainly in the morning to start fat burning. Now, that does not mean to eat an ungodly amount and wonder why you are not skinny. This means that 1-3 tablespoons of grass fed butter in your diet can be really great for your health. It also has the perfect ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids.

Have you heard that Omega-3’s are brain food? Well, they definitely are, but to get the best effect, you need the proper ratio of the of Omega-3 to Omega-6. Your brain needs fat to function and without it, your brain can loss mental power or disease can set in. Did you know that not only can fat increase your mental ability, but it can help to heal some brain regressions. There has been some amazing progress with Alzheimer’s disease and MCT’s, such as coconut oil. Check out this article for a bit more on what MCT’s do, and why you should be coconuts. Don’t fall for the fat conspiracy; traditional health gets it wrong.