Has this question ever been asked by you or another? I think that many times, the wrong target is selected in this response. Have you ever heard it said before, why are things always happening to me? Being at the effect of life is a victim mentality, and no one ever achieved success by playing the victim.


If Michael Jordan decided that his coach was a horrible person when he got cut from his high school team, then he would never have went on to achieve greatness. Instead Michael Jordan practiced, and figured out what was keeping him off the team and that is what attributed to his success. Find your self stuck in a rut with your own success, better start digging out; here’s a good place to start.

1. Don’t be a victim
Take total responsibility and don’t blame it on someone else, there’s always a way to be at cause over your life.

2. Decide What You Want
If you have no concrete goal, how will you ever know when you get there? I’m going to work till I’m famous, is not a goal, but I’m going to reevaluate when I am on the cover of two magazines is a goal. Goals are never the end point, but just way markers on a successful life.

3. Put a Date on it
A goal without a date is a wish, besides, how will you monitor your progress?

4. Make a Plan
Decide what actions will be needed to be taken, what help you will need and what your timeline will look like. You need to be prepared! You may even need to consult someone who has done what you are planning to do.

5. Alter Depending Upon Results
Did you succeed? Did you fail? Was your timeline off? Did you take the most successful actions? Decide what worked and what didn’t and rework your plan for success.