stressStress, we all have it, but it’s the matter of how we deal with it that effects our lives. What are the effects of stress? Well, they are very undesirable things from hair loss to the raising of body cortisol, to the creating of more stress. Cortisol is the scary one for a lot of people, it causes us to lose hair as well as to gain weight, it is the little stress hormone that no one ever likes.

There is also the idea that in being stressed, you are attracting more stress to yourself, and who really wants to do that?  It is something that multiplies, and can knock us off of our path to success. That being said, it is something that you need handle before you have a heart attack from being so high strung.

  1. Identify if your stress is a person or a situation.
  2. If it is a person, figure out if you can handle the situation or move on from it. You may need to remove yourself from the person, which can be especially difficult if they are family.
  3. Figure out what can get you positive again. For me, its music.
  4. Go for a walk, until you feel high energy and remove yourself from the stress.
  5. Try some Bliss, which will help you manage your stress naturally.