I wanted to post some starting stats on my Four Hour Body diet, and also the workouts and things accompanying it. My starting weight was 174.6lbs, Body Fat % was 13.1% and BMI was 27.3, these stats were from Saturday morning. I am realizing that I need to make a consistent time for taking stats, so I am going to make that 8am in the morning, since thats what I did this AM and stats were very different. This Morning, I was 169lbs, 9.5% body fat and did not take a BMI. However, when checking weights now, I was closer to 173 even, 10.7% body fat and 27.1 BMI. I am thinking that the early morning weight, though a bit skewed, will be easier to regulate, since it is more consistent than how many ounces of water or food I have eaten during the day. Since most body fat calculators can be skewed by builds, unless they are of the very expensive variety, timing will help.

I have also started adding the cinnamon to coffee, though I need to go online and purchase the correct type, since there are three types tested. Ceylon and Saigon tend to be more effective, while Cassia, which most of North America uses, shows little effect, and possible damage to the liver long-term.

I have not gotten up to the 20 minutes of cold showering daily, though I have begun a regimen. Tim splits them into two, ten minute cold showers. Thus far, I have gotten to about 8 minutes of one cold shower, once I hit ten minutes of the first cold shower, I will add the second nightly shower.

I am still waiting for the full contents of my PAGG weight loss tack to begin, thus far only my ALA has arrived. I will await the entire stack to begin.

As for the gas due to the high quanitity of Legumes, It has disappeared today. I ate more lentils earlier in the day, so this may possibly be the reason. Based on this reaction, I will learn a bit more as to if I need enzymes to break them down.


Four Hour Body Stats

As for the five minutes of abs that this routine uses, it has been amazing. I have never spent so little time doing abs, and been so sore from doing them. Workout times have been cut greatly, an average of about 26 minutes each for the last 3 workouts. I have cut them to six total sets per body part as well as 30, 55b kettle bell swings. Though stats are showing a reduction of 2.4% in body fat, I believe that is a bit skewed. I will continue to track, though abs look a lot better than they have in the past few years. I am guessing the actual fat loss would seem to be around 1.5%.