I finished my first week on the Slow Carb diet, which is essentially a low carb, TLS diet, but with the addition of a cheat day. The eating has actually been very enjoyable and easy for the most part. I started every morning, by having one of Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee. The Coffee is strong, with the addition of 1 tbs Coconut Oil and 1 tbs of salt free, Organic Butter. It has keep my body fuller longer, and increased my mental function, which is the main benefit to such high of a fat intake.

I also have spent one week on PAGG supplementation, so I do not have a statistic for comparison. I also have had a bit of a higher stress week, being it has been my first to be back to all my business endeavors and get the reins back in on them. That being said, even with increased cortisol levels, I saw very good results.

Workouts were a bit more difficult for me, seeing that mentally, I have the need to spend much longer of a time in the gym. I spent about 22 minutes on average at the gym this week, between 4 different workouts, and will step it down a bit more this week as well. This is in combination with Arthur Jone’s HIIT principle, the high intensity with a further interval. In actuality, I have seen some good gains which I have been very happy about. The principle shows that muscle gain is actually better, because the body rests more and in order to grow, actually ends up needing more rest time due to increased muscle size. So, last week, the workouts were four days a week, and this week, they will go down to two weeks.

Cheat day on Saturday, I must say was quite a fun one. The day started with a Bulletproof coffee and a a Taylor ham, egg and cheese, followed by chicken breasts , beans and guac. The afternoon was quite busy, but before heading to  the Javitz center, I indulged at 1 PM, in a Starbucks Java Chip Frapacchino. I spent the next few hours, until 5 PM, working on a promo event at the Book Conference. Then at 6 PM, I enjoyed a bacon cheese burger, two Samuel Adams beers and sweet potato fries. We then went to a concert at City Winery, where I ate Creme Brûlée, chocolate gelato and a German Pilsner. On the way home from the city, I finished off the night with a bagel and cream cheese. Needless to say, cheat day, was a success.

So, how about this week’s stats? Well, they were good, weight this morning was 170lbs, and body fat was at 9.5%. This was a noted difference, seeing starting 174lbs and 13.5% body fat. This shows not only an extremely good loss in body fat, 4%, it also shows a significant gain in muscle for a single week. Now, we will see what the continued process holds.