11002653_10100556123605899_5368461204673989664_nI made a transformation since high school. I was a skinny, kid, though somehow I thought I was so strong. I look back at the photos now and I really realize just how far I have come. I wrestled in high school, 119lbs and then 140 sometimes bumping to 145lbs. I created this goal from my junior year at 140lbs that I would come back at a solid 160 lbs. As you can see from what I just told you, that did not happen, mainly because I just did not understand the amount of effort that it would take.

After my senior year, in 2005, I made a plan, actually I borrowed one, I started the AST-SS Max-OT program. This program was very nontraditional, but for free it showed me a program that would work to help me gain mass; it gave me workouts, it gave me macro numbers. It gave me all the basics I would need in order to reach my goal. Within 3 years of my high school graduation, I was 190 lbs of lean mass. I learned a few things from this; success takes time and you’ll never get there without a plan.

Reaching any goal is a certain amount of planning involved. Without a real concrete plan nothing will ever happen. I took a look my last year of business and I wondered what got me here. Once again, I looked and found a plan; the Unfranchise Business Plan. I’ve always been one to do my own thing, ever the entrepreneur, but it can be difficult without a plan. We all have dreams of creating wealth and freedom, but where does the roadmap lead us? Well, the Unfranchise is structured in such a way that give me some plan, some form, something to create on. As an entrepreneur, it gave me a model to build off of, but the beautiful part is that I’m still the boss and I get to pick who plays on my team.

Without a plan, you really are going nowhere; there is no health, there is no wealth, no success.