Ever felt like it was a day where everything went wrong? When it seems that not just one thing has gone wrong, but that bad occurrence has just created more of them? Trust me, you’re not going crazy, when you let something bad happen and don’t raise your mood, then you are ripe to create more of it.

That being said its not magical to think this way, but you have to learn what will be the reset button for you. That button is something we all have, but we just truly need to identify it. This reset button cannot be a person, sure there are people that always make us happy, but then if they are not available, then good luck to removing ourselves from the mood that has created a virtual doomsday scenario that day.

What makes you happy? It could be a favorite food, a place to walk or if you’re me a certain musical artist that makes you happy again. As crazy as it sounds, being happy will set you up to pull more happy things into your life, be venture that you just make more mistakes when you are upset. Mistakes then have a way of finding you, the snowball effect picks up quickly. So, you have to find a way to manage the damage and keep it from getting worse.


Hit the Reset Button Like This:

  1. Read an uplifting book for 15 minutes
  2. Go for a walk and really notice things around you
  3. Listen to some music
  4. Eat something that you love, but not with too much sugar as it will drop you right back down and be careful not too take too much comfort with food. This is the least successful one.
  5. Workout or go for a run; anything to get you active and out of your own head.