We have reached our first real day in Peru, our arrival in Peru. However, I will start with the end of day one. We arrived in Lima rather late. For us it was rather late, as there is an hour time difference, but it was almost midnight, which for us was one in the morning. We me our host families, which was a very joyous but nervous experience, I know I was a slight bit tentative, but excited at the same time. I am always one that is for adventure, and coming off an extra day to really push the previous day’s business deal through as a done, I was really up for up anything.


There was large crowd as we left security, which was one of the easiest things I have done. Which reminds me, since Jet Blue rescheduled our flight, we were preferred travelers on our way back, which means we did not have to take off our shoes nor walk through the body scanner. I must say something I have to figure out how to do a bit more often. Anyway, we approached the large group awaiting us, and were happily greeted by district governor, Carlos. He was a very nice man, actually very familiar with the US, as he has children there and travels there several times a year.

Though we were very tired, we were running on adrenaline with this new and wonderful experience. We were introduced to our host families, and I was paired with Susan and Gonzolo, who’s first question to me is if I was the incredible hulk. They informed me that they were hungry and I would have my first experience of Peruvian food. I was served my first dish Antichuchos, which is the heart of the cow on skewers served on a bed of pieces of the cow’s stomach. It did not sound like the most appetizing thing ever, but come to find it was one of the best things I have ever tasted. The dish finds its history in Peruvians slaves back in the days of the Spanish; they were left only the scraps so they made the best of what they had. We were also served a type of juice made from corn, which had a very slight and friendly flavor.

I was also introduced to my new friends Carmen and Jose Carlos.

By this time, it was about 2:30 AM, 3:30 AM for me, and I was very ready to go to bed; sleeping to at least 8:30 AM the following morning would be a must. It was our arrival in Peru.