Today being our first day representing New Jersey in the 2015 Rotary GSE to Peru. It began with much anticipation, as we were very excited to begin our trip! We all arrived at Newark Airport around noon, and quickly had to go to Stacey’s aid, as she had slightly overpacked by a mere 27 pounds. Grace, Monica, Hank and Jeremy quickly split as much as we could between us to make it all work.

We got through security relatively easily, though Jeremy was selected for extra screening, and the TSA officer was surprised by the number of boxes of Skip-Bo cards. It became a relatively funny situation.


Stacey, Hank & Monica


Jeremy & Grace

Our first flight was from Newark to Ft Lauderdale, Florida, but the weather was very bad and we were forced to circle for quite a while. We had to land in Ft Meyers, Florida due to low fuel. The weather in the Ft Lauderdale area was so bad, that we were  not able to land until after 7, more than two hours after our landing time. The huge delay in time caused our flight to Lima, Peru to leave without us; the only flight of the day.

We were delayed until the following day at the same time, 5 pm. However, Jet Blue paid for our dinner, several hotel rooms and our lunch the following day. So it ended up being a bit of team building before we left, ending with finally playing a game with all those Skip-Bo Cards.


Playing Skip-Bo with our new friend Peruvian, Maria