I’m always big on training, and making people better, be it in fitness or in personal development. When having a issue, with someone on me team and the word ‘no,’ I called my friend Antoni to see if he had any input. I called him and got a text back, that he was busy, but have him do the coffee challenge, he’d explain later.

Well, being that I had never heard of this challenge, I was very interested, as the cutting edge is always where I want to be. I’m naturally an extremely inpatient person, sometimes thats good and others not so much. So, to quote George Bush, I “used the Google,” and found out just what the coffee challenge is. It sounds easy, and I bet most of you would not do it.

The Business Insider article that I found, credits entrepreneur, Noah Kagan with developing the coffee challenge for his employees. The concept is a relatively simple one. One walks up to the cashier at a coffee shop, orders a muffin, asks for 10% off, shut up and waits to see what happens. Basically, you are asking for something that should be a no, so you should not be shocked when receiving a no back.

It’s an interesting way to learn to deal with disappointment, but one we could all stand to lose from. Kagan has several versions of the ‘Stranger Games,’ including sitting in the wrong seat on an airplane, purely for reaction. It does make an interesting point: as a society we care way to much what others think of us. I am just as guilty as the next person.

Step out of your comfort zone, and take the challenge.