I’ve always been a big proponent of coconut oil, seeing that it has so many uses. Its great for brain growth and development, I add it to my own coffee every morning in order to increase my own morning mental power. Also, since my mom had a stroke, we have her supplement with coconut oil too, in hopes that it will help her brain to repair. It can also be used as a deodorant, since most store brand deodorants are based from aluminum, I tend to avoid them. The reason I am so hesitant on aluminum is due to research linking it to Alzheimer’s disease, anything I can do to lower my risk of that, I’m all for.

I was speaking with my friend Jeff yesterday, and he mentioned oil pulling to me, which I have heard of before, but since I really respect his viewpoint, I had to check it out. In  terms of research, what I found was very cool. Oil pulling has been shown to kill a lot of the bad bacteria that the bacteria that lives in the mouth. Most individuals do not understand how much the bacteria of the mouth does for the rest of the body.

According to my research, the optimum time to swish if for 20 minutes, obviously this is not be done every morning. Once a week or every two weeks is a great idea. Its great for the immune system as as well as removing mouth bacteria and reducing risk of heart disease. After the 20 minute swish, its the best idea to spit out the oil, as now it has absorbed all those impurities that it pulls from the body.


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