goalsOn this motivation Monday, I want to talk to you a little about goals, but not in the traditional sense that everyone does. I want to speak to you about the size of your goals. Small goals are average goals that will probably never be reached. Goals have to big, they have to be huge. Why? To change anything about your self you need some motivation, what better way to motivate yourself but with your actual goal.

In the pursuit of any goal, there will be trying times, and if a goal is not large enough, then it is very easy to walk away from, mainly because it did not create that internal motivation. A goal needs to be so huge that it makes you drool, it creates something in you that makes achieving your goal a life or death situation.

Success cannot be treated as some little thing, but it is the only thing. That massive goal is going to motivate you and push you toward it, gravitating all your senses. Lets put it this way, would you rather come up short on making one thousand dollars or one million dollars? The choice here is easy, but if your goals are not big enough, you will not act big enough. If you want to change or create a higher purpose, then your actions and goals must meet; big actions and big goals.

If this is something that seems a little foreign to you, then I want to recommend a book called the 10X Rule, by Grant Cardone. Hell, even if you are already successful, I’m sure you would want to 10X that success. Success just breeds more success and there is no shortage of how much success can be had. There’s enough to go around. So, start making bigger goals, and start acting bigger to get to them.