I have hit the end of week three of my Slow Carb Four Hour Body adventure, and I have to say its been an awesome ride. My starting weight three weeks ago was 174 with body fat at 13.5%, and I have seen a significant drop from where I was. Even though this weight started after my trip, I did not see a significant rise in body fat while away maybe ½ of a percent, I’m pretty good of keeping track of my body.

My diet has actually been significantly easier than I expected. My meals have consisted of some form of lean protein, legumes and loads of veggies, for my main three meals. Also, I have added a 2 tablespoons of peanut butter between lunch and dinner as well as dinner and bed. I have also enjoyed a glass or two of red wine, due to its low percentage of residual sugar, as Ferriss suggests, each night.

I think I may have seen a more significant drop in weight had I not added bulletproof coffee in the morning, but I was not really looking to lose much, rather just lean out. The coffee, a combination of coconut oil, butter, cinnamon and coffee, has immensely helped my mental function and kept my hunger satisfied much longer. I have learned that nutrient timing really does not have an impact, and cheat days, which are past my wildest dreams, have been amazing.


I Dropped fat Fast!

So, you’re probably asking where I am at this point. My bodyweight has hit 165.8 and my body fat percentage has dropped to 8.1%. I am the leanest that I have been in years as well as having the best abdominal development in years. You’re probably thinking that I have lost loads of muscle mass at this point, but that’s really just not true. I am still very strong pound for pound at this point which is much more than I thought. I have been focusing on workouts that are less than 30 minutes, which has been very interesting and allowed for more explosive workouts. I have focused on mainly four sets per workout of 4-6 reps and only three days a week.

More results will follow as this goes forward, and I’m really enjoying myself, seeing this to a great alternative that’s really allowing for a better physique than I have had in years as well as eating all the crap I missed. I dropped fat fast and I’m eating all the foods I love; seems like the best of both worlds.