impossible_attainable1We get to a point when all our motivation fails, and when we just cannot reach our goals. Your plan may be missing you weigh points to success. Success is a long road, and sometimes we do not think about stepped up goals. So, let me give you an example. Lets say you have a  goal of losing 100 pounds, it looks like a huge goal, and one thats unattainable. Lets break it up. Let say you have a  goal to lose 100 pounds, lets break it down into a year and create something that’s more manageable.

I love the idea of eating an elephant one bite at a time, if its not attainable you won’t work for it. Its an interesting comparison, but lets speak about what that means. Weight loss always needs to be done safely and at a good pace, because otherwise, it may not be something that is sustainable. Let’s take our 100 pound weight loss goal and break it down, over the period of 12 months, that is equal to 8.3 lbs per month. How manageable does that sound? Now, you’re no longer losing 100 pounds, you are losing 8 pounds. Now, let’s break that down into a weekly goal, making it 2 pounds per week.

Your Goals Must Be Attainable
The issue most people have with weight loss and with business, is they want it fast. If its not fast, then they are done, because that is how things are in America. We have become a society of instant gratification, but this is not something achievable. Its called making a target. Most Americans do not make targets, but I guarantee that if they did, then they would be much more productive. I want you all to be successful and productive so start making targets. When it does not look like you will make a target, do not reduce it. Look at your own actions decide what did not work, rework it and get to or exceed your next target. That’s what success looks like. Success is the compilation of many small, daily actions, not the huge end results that it looks like.