There are those of us that struggle with carbs. We look at a bagel and gain weight, its just how our bodies become. Many years of eating the wrong way can make things a bit difficult, to the point that many of us actually end up having hormonal issues that keep us fat. The two hormones are Leptin and Ghrelin! We try everything, but we never lose weight!

The Balance between the two may be the reason you are not losing weight, especially when your body becomes resistant to Leptin. Leptin is produced by your bodies fat cells and tells your body its game over, you’re no longer hungry, its five-alarm fire time to stop eating. Gherlin is the hormone that reminds you that Chinese food only keeps you full for 30 minutes; its the hormone that keeps your body eating.

In many of us, our bodies becomes resistant to leptin, and hence we eat until the cows come home, all while staring at Netflix. If this leptin resistance is not handled, we will never lose weight, its just how the body works. Leptin resistance is the reason for a lot of weight gain.

Diabetics as well as some of us that are not, also have issues with out blood sugar making us fat. If we never have any assistance, with handling this, then it is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest with a garden trowel and a few bungee chords; we won’t make it to the top. TLS core is an amazing product that my clients, even the ones that lie and say they are doing cardio lose weight. One client, Alex, was stuck on his plan for about two weeks. When we added Core to his diet, he lost another 7 lbs in 4 days, just by getting his body hormones working correctly.



“I absolutely am in love with the TLS® line! My personal favourite from the TLS System is TLS CORE. It encourages me to cook homemade and healthy meals seeing as I have to take it 30-40 minutes prior to eating a meal. I am a sucker for carbs as well as sweets (desserts) so this was the most influential product to my eating plan.  I feel less bloated, more toned in the abdomen area, and still have a great appetite. Thank you Market America for helping me stay on track with my eating!”

— Christine Lieu