I often hear from people, when I’m working, out about how difficult the weights I am lifting look. They make the comment about what attempting to execute that lift, with the strength and precision that I do, would do to them. I agree, it would really hurt them. However, they are missing a very important point, being, my current level of progress was not where I started.

Its semi-shocking to me that individuals often neglect this important fact. Just like anything in life, working out is done in a gradient, the gains you have now took time to gradually develop. It seems that people are always shocked to hear I wrestled 119lbs in high school, well obviously that was almost ten years ago, so the weight gain is predictable. It took me a long time to hit 700lbs on squats and 600lbs on deadlifts, it was daily repeated steps that got me close. Theres an important point missing here; I could have done it faster.

Faster? Well, yes that is correct. The problem here is I did not really have a goal, it was just get big, gain muscle. Those are not real goals. Creating a goal and then using that goal to create daily steps is a game changer. You can change anything in your life if you truly understand the condition in your life and the steps that you need to change it.

Many times, we fail to estimate the amount of effort that it takes to truly make a change, something I picked up from Grant Cardone. Want to really change your life? Pick a goal, then decide the amount of effort that will take, and multiply it by ten. Even, if you come up short of that 10x goal, you’ll still have blown that original goal out of the water.

I often wonder about the fear of change and what really causes that? We know that we need to 10x our efforts, but still often we fail. We do not just fail in a small way, but we fall flat on our faces and ask others to feel sorry for us. Sound much like America today? When looking really closely with at that fear, its important to pinpoint the source of the fear. From my own experience, I will say that the fear can be traced to one main issue: our social conditioning.

We live in fear of what others will think of us when we break the mold of social expectations. We do not change because what of others will think of us and say to us, to any change, this is the first and most difficult step in change. Why do others not want us to change? They do not because it makes them uncomfortable, if we change then they have to change. That’s why we can’t let the fear of others become our own fears.

How do you conquer the fear? When you want to succeed as much as you want to breath, then and only then will you be successful. People have said success is in the journey, which is only about half true. You will grow somuch on your way to success, and I applaud you for that. However, success is still a destination, a place that you can help others not only vacation at, but live at too. Here’s to the journey and the destination that is success; I’ll see you at the top my friends.