Grow naturally; one of my favorite topics, which Muscle & Fitness doesn’t always get right. Most people have no idea what they are doing, and if you approach them in a helpful, they look at you like you just stole their Captain Crunch. Let me tell you just as only coachable people will prosper in the business world, only coachable people will survive in the gym. JR Slate Fitness is your fitness coach, here to unlock the door for you!

So my question is to you: “What do your reps look like?” Are you throwing dumbbell guy? Are you too many reps guy? Are you the guy that people will no longer try to save because at any one time you are close to ending not only you weight lifting life, but also you terrestrial one as well? We all know that guy, and we all love that guy. Let’s face it, close to death guy is funny, and every gym has him. Most likely, an image of that guy is now populating in your mind, right? Yes, I’ve seen it all.

My response is don’t be “That Guy.” So, besides making you laugh, I want to take a few quick seconds to describe the perfect, muscle building rep. There’s three great types of training, but each are missing an aspect of the other; speed reps, traditional “flex” bodybuilding training and negative only reps. This my friend is the perfect rep: On the positive portion of the rep, the speed rep. So for example, on a curl, when you are curling it up, it should be conducted quickly and in a controlled manner. Don’t be throwing dumbbell guy, control the weight. When the top portion of the rep is reached, flex, like a bodybuilder showing off; this forces more blood into the muscle and fatigues it as well.

Now, their will be a bit more data on this portion, but the negative part of a rep is the most important, it’s where true muscle building happens. How many of you stretch before a workout? Hopefully, no hands are raised. Did you know the process of muscle building is creating micro tears in muscle, well that is just what stretching does. Why on earth would you want muscles more tired before you lift? Sure you can do some life, fast paced reps at the beginning of a workout, but don’t exert yourself. For the most part, the negative portion should be slow and controlled for greatest muscle building. Painfully slow, try counting to four on your negative, then you will truly grow. Then, repeat the process!