glycemic-indexWhat if I told you that the foods you eat stimulate your blood sugar in a certain way, and that is the main issue with you weight gain? Its true! For many people, its not their fault they are fat, but rather they just have no clue what they are doing. There is a scale called the glycemic Index, and it show how the carbohydrates that we eat affect our blood sugar and the body goes into fat storage mode. It can be caused by two main factors skipping meals and eating sugary foods. These two actions all cause blood sugar to rise.

So why do we do it? Well first off sugar and bad foods are craved to spike blood sugar to give the feeling of energy. However, if it does happen, it is only brief and you are back down in a low energy state, perfect to gain body fat. There may be stress, a hormone called cortisol that the body creates when stressed is a big issue for many people living high stress lifestyles. Inevitably, this will all cause weight gain.

A Level glycemic index keeps energy level consistent and is great for the body to burn fat. So, the body needs to regulate itself but can only do so when you put the correct fuel into it. So What can you eat? Well, its not a diet, rather a lifestyle filled with: fruit, vegetables, beans, legumes, lean proteins and  high quality fats. These all do not cause blood sugar rise quickly, which inhibits fat loss.

So if you were looking at a GI chart, what numbers are you looking for? Well, you want low to medium but still maintain a lower medium range.

Glycemic Index Examples

Low → Less than 55

Medium → 56-69

High → Above 70

The Ripening of foods can cause the GI to rise, for example, greener bananas are better. Larger grains are better, for example steel cut oats over quick oats. Cooking can raise GI number, so limit things to steamed or fresh when you can eat them. Carbs break down to sugar, which the body needs, but it can only use so much.

So how does this all work? It sounds great but how does this cycle of fat work? After eating, the Pancreas releases insulin Insulin brings sugar to cells. All excess excess sugar is stored in muscles and Liver and the rest is stored as fat. People that over eat need more food to feel full and sometimes can have a hormonal imbalance. The Leptin Hormone cannot realize you’re full when you have a weight problem and a lot of times just eating low glycemic is not enough, supplementation is needed to handle the leptin issue. Extra sugar kills cells, to avoid further sugar coming in, the cells actually kill themselves.

Many people need an answer, and I coach people on low glycemic eating, which has been so effective that my clients have lost on average about 30lbs. Imagine how life changing that is! What was you lifestyle keeping you from doing? Think long and hard about that, and what could you do if you had your body back? Glycemic is the answer. The question is, are you really looking for an answer?