dreamsIt seems to me that its something that a lot of us cant figure out. And let me tell you, over my journey, that’s been the idea as well. I think as entrepreneurs we just don’t fit in a mold, we just literally can’t. Someone tells us what to do, and we think the opposite, we just cannot do it. Its not that we have be people that shake the bedrock of society, though some of us can, rather we do not do well with orders.

We want to do our own thing and we want to create, but I think in the midst of all that figuring things out, there can be a lot of action that takes us in a direction that we do not quite understand, that we can’t quite feel the purpose of. On my podcast, I’ve spoken to a ton of entrepreneurs that have had that same experience, recently, I got into this discussion with Keith Yackey on the podcast, and it brought it back to it back to the forefront of my mind. There were days early in my business that I stared at a wall out of fear, but was able to pull myself out, because I was able to remind myself of why I was doing it. You can’t be afraid to dream, in fact, you have to.

We deal with people that think we are bums, they see the work but they don’t acknowledge it, because they can’t accept what we are saying and just don’t see the results that we claim to want so badly. This can be the toughest part, that’s why working out our goals in writing is more something for us, you most likely won’t change these individual’s minds. Keep your goals written, so after they hit, you can pull yourself out of the muck, or decide if you need their interaction at all. You’ll be surprised what weeding certain people out of our lives will do for our well being.

The answer for almost all of us, is getting a clear idea of what our purpose is, but its just something that a lot of us don’t get together. We feel something inside that pushes us forward, but we never put voice to it, and let me tell you unless you do, you’ll never get to a destination, because let me tell you, there isn’t one unless you put it there.

Thought is a powerful thing; it created the Internet, the iPhone and brought man to flight. In our minds, it is the only place that we are truly free to create, because we do not have the restrictions of the physical universe. Thought comes before any action, even something as simple as deciding to move your foot. Create it first then figure out how you can do it. You’ll find that we’re amazing beings, maybe we will think things that technology can’t make yet, but it will; that’s how innovation happens.

You can never get to old to dream, and that’s what we are as entrepreneurs, but those of us that can’t put the action behind it are the ones that fail. That’s why I started the Create Your Own Life podcast, to create life as an artist, but to put the action behind it to actually make it so. Don’t listen to the naysayers, don’t be afraid to dream, keep your goals ahead of you, you can’t get to a destination without a map. Create life on your terms.