After a very difficult run or leg workout, there can be many issues for the body in health. Whether is be delayed onset muscle soreness or the more traditional variety. In the past, many have just applied to leg day, but is so much more versatile than that. You have probably laughed at the gentlemen at the gym, sitting on the giant foam roller, and sliding back in forth on his hamstrings; this man is actually a visionary. Here I have included a few points about muscular soreness and what is known as Myofascial release.

1. Fascia are the tiny bundles of connective tissue in muscles, the are the bundles wrapped around your muscles and actually have a lot to do with healing and function.

2. Fascia become inflamed from overuse or the release of lactic acid from muscle exertion, and unless the lactic acid and inflammation is handled, healing cannot occur. This is the very reason you may be sore for 4-5 days after a workout.

3. Myofascial release need only be done for 3-5 minutes after a workout to move of the inflation and can help with long-term and a lot of nagging soreness. This is done with a foam roller. 3. There is a two pronged approach to better recovery, which includes the foam roller as well as supplementation. I recommend along with the foam roller a supplement regimen including Bromelain and OPC-3 which will help move the inflammation out of the body by adding the extra electron to the damaged cell in order to handle the inflammation.

4. The regimen needs to be preformed daily, not just when soreness is felt in order to truly fix the issue at hand. Just because you are not sore does not mean you need to stop with the regimen, the body needs to heal after each and every workout.

5. This regimen has also been shown, to help with conditions such as migraines and fibromyalgia.