no-fearToday, let’s throw it far back, really far back, to your childhood. Children have no fear, until their parents, friends and relatives tell them to be so. As a child we will continue to ask until it is that what we get want, but as an adult, we are told it is rude and childish. Society has that entire paradigm backwards. There are not more people that are successful, because we do not approach life as a child. Remember when dad said no to something, so you asked mom, and there was a good chance that you would get it as long as the two did not speak.

We become an adult and all the sudden, we care so much about what other people think. Am I being rude? Well, let me say that, in a not rude way, the toddler in you would find a way to get something done, or achieve a certain goal. It really is amazing, that as adults, we become scared of own shadows. Looking back to our youth, we realize that we were not really like that, but since out youth, we have become less of ourselves. Over time, the incorrect conventions of society pile up on us, we think less of ourselves and we just curl inward because we have learned to fear.

The courage that children have is a beautiful thing, rediscovering that can really make us more successful in life. We have created barriers for ourselves that did not exist in our youth and now prevent us from the success we could be having.

I got kicked out of kindergarten for sining bar songs in class. I did not care, as long as no one got hurt, then I would go for it. Would adult me sing bar songs, randomly in public? Most likely no, but you get the idea I’m trying to make.

Conventional wisdom is not really conventional, its a way to minimize ourselves. We need to learn how to meld the knowledge we have gained in growing with the lack of fear that we held in our youth, then we can truly create success for ourselves. If you are not worried so much about dying, theres not many things that will really do that to you, then we can truly fly and be successful. In our youth, we still were fully aware that we create our reality, the thinkings of Freud and the self can shove it. Go out there and make something happen, even if you do fall and scrape your knee.