We are all interested in ways to burn more calories, mainly because the American lifestyle causes them to taken in like there is no tomorrow. There are ways to burn more calories and help yourself even though the body does not always cooperate. So, what can you do? My goal here is to give you a few little tips that you may not have known that you can start applying to your personal fitness journey.


Burn More Calories

  1. Do your cardio before you eat in the morning. Your body will eat its glycogen stores and fat rather than what you just ate that day.
  2. Eat everything you can with some sort of chilli pepper sauce. I prefer Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo style. The heat actually helps to raise your core temperature and helps you to burn more calories.
  3. Do you cardio in sweats, this will raise your core temperature and also help you burn more body fat.
  4. Put on more muscle! Muscle helps to burn body fat, it raises your BMR or the amount of calories that your body standardly burns.
  5. Keep your heart rate in a fat burning zone! Take 220 minus your age, that is your maximum heart rate. Now, find the target range which is between 60% and 80% of that 220 minus your age; stay in that rang, burn body fat and more calories!