instagramIcon_400x400Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks that really allows for that genuine, organic feeling connection. It allows people to really experience the lives of others, in the most easily experienced way: images. It has created a whole new type of marketing. Are you using it properly in your own branding?
1. Make your bio professional
Find someone you and see how they brand themselves. For myself, I really admire an entrepreneur names Jim Winkler. So, I checked out what Jim does and did not exactly mirror it, but made it my own. This is important, you’re going to be starting with your personal friends on Instagram before you expand, don’t be weird they will see through it; be genuine.

2. Decide Your purpose and brand that

What do you want to show? For myself, I show Lifestyle design, which is along the lines of Lewis Howes and Tim Ferriss. The idea behind this is showing people how to build a career around your life instead of a life around a career. Be inspiration and create a life; it’s a beautiful way to market.

3. Brand your images
If you are going to create or repost images, I recommend saving them and rebranding them. There’s lots of iphone and android apps that let you add texts and other content to your images. This is important because when others share content, they are sharing yours. Also, you want to think of where you want that branding to send your fans, and for me it’s my website.

4. Hashtags
You will almost never grow your brand without hashtags, they allow similar people to find you. You need to think of who you are targeting by what your hashtags will look like. For Instagram, for hashtags is better, and the limit is 30. I recommend using all 30 in order to grow your fan base. Make a note on your phone and keep prewritten hashtags ready.

Look to help brand your Instagram? Looking to help monetize your blog or your Instagram? I specialize in showing teaching people how to do this. There are always more income options, make sure you are using them all!