Resting can be the most important part of workouts, but most people totally neglect it. Well, I like to keep things short, but by popular demand, I will be discussing it today! Why is your fitness lacking? It may be a reason that you have not thought of!

The body needs rest, not only during your week, but also quite regularly. During a training week, you should be beating your body, if you’re not, then you’re doing something wrong. That is how desired results are produced, BUT without rest, there will be no significant growth. I’ve heard several different philosophies on this in terms of recovery.Rest is so very important, but I feel as though I have this conversation way too often. People have a real issue with taking days off from the gym, its like some sort of mental circuit that does not allow them to rest; individuals wonder why they are always tired and in pain.

MAX-OT is really great density workout, that emphasizes heavy, low-rep range lifts. It recommends leaving the gym with enough energy to recover. I’ve tried it and I don’t see that to be the case. I have never really seen the growth wanted, and also as a result weights have increased to a level that it was not a realistic workout.

In reality, workouts can be stretched to 6 days a week, but, as a standard, I prefer a 5 day split. There are a few stipulations here as well; if preforming a two-a-day split, then it should be kept at the rate of four days a week. Those days you’re not working out are NOT cardio days. So, unless you work at the gym, stay home; the body needs rest.

Now, we are just talking about weekly previously, but there is a more important fact that I like to stress to everyone is the over time rest factor. Do you get tired after a while? Start to lack the energy? See weights dropping? It’s time for a break. The idea, is actually something that I borrowed from MAX-OT that I think is very important, though neglected: every 8-10 weeks a week should be taken off, that is the only way the body will recover. Don’t go to the gym, don’t run, don’t even think about the concept of working out. In the long run, workouts will improve and you will increase overall longevity.

Now one final thing, is the importance of Calcium, which is not just for strong bones. Calcium is actually one of my favorite things to supplement with, and its most likely not for the reason people think. When muscles relax and contract, receptors release calcium into the muscle as the signal to move or relax. Calcium is a beautiful thing because it aids in rest, therefore enhancing your overall recovery. It relaxes your muscles so you not only fall asleep quicker, but also rest more fully. If you really want to sleep soundly, add some magnesium or L-Trytophan for higher potency.

Remember the rest factor in order to better reach your fitness goals! Resting workouts can be the best kind that most people miss!