It does not matter if its a group plan or an individual plan, but there are many fitness programs that fail. It comes down to one thing: accountability. Any plan that does not have accountability included in it, is destined to fail.

I’m not sure if it’s the pen to the paper that has a psychological effect, but people that track results are almost two-times as likely to succeed. This is even true for me, as when I was competitively powerlifting a few years ago. It makes it really, you can see and really monitor your own progress.

Two years ago, my bodyweight was 217, at 5’7″, and 9% body fat, but now at the same body fat, I am only 174. What is the difference? Accountability. I stopped tracking daily workouts and food intake, and things just went off the rails. That’s why I am committing myself once again to this very simple, yet very successful action.

The same that can be said for gaining. My weight loss clients have had a lot of success losing weight, the two that did not, never wrote anything down; a lot can be said for writing it down an making it real. What if they lie? Well, then they really did not want to succeed enough!