how-top-sales-people-use-goal-setting-to-achieve-greatnessHow to se goals is something we should all learn in school. In the last few years, I’ve changed a lot. Though, I guess change is not the appropriate word, rather improved is more worthy a response. It seems that I have made many changes in my life and many improvements. I have always been a goal oriented person, and when having a goal, ultimately that is the only thing that serves as my motivation. Rather, it is never a good idea just to do something fast, but it should be done well too. Without the correct format or and the proper written program. It is also important to know what condition you are in, so that you can apply the correct one in the direction of your goal.

I like to think my productivity has increased mainly because of my rapid expansion in life, which I would like to credit to a greater orientation towards goals. Its great to have goals, but if those goals are not a visible thing, then will you ever remember them? That’s it! That has been the greater orientation towards goals! It a small step, but the “To Do” list has increased my productivity ten-fold. It seems such a simple thing, not covered with major goals, but rather just the weekly and daily ones. Steps have to be small, in order that one can take grander leaps later in time.

That seems to be the issue with many, no goal. Without a goal may are lacking a major thing in life, and that’s a purpose. With no purpose you drift in life; its something I applied with my students. Though, at first it seemed comical, daily asking students there purpose, it seemed to create an improvement. If a student, knows their purpose, at least they are working for something. Many drift through life purposeless. If you have at least an hourly purpose, then that can drift to daily, then to weekly and so on. It has to start small in order to make major gains.

Knowing your goal is important, but when you have so many it can be troubling at times. First set goals, then write those goals down; its empowering to cross a goal off your list.