About This Episode:
In this eye-opening interview, Trevor Kitchen, a whistleblower and former finance professional, exposes the manipulation happening in the world of finance.

He shares his personal experience of losing money due to currency manipulation and how he reported it to the authorities, only to be met with silence and even arrest. Trevor shines a light on the role of conglomerates, banks, and corporations in controlling the global financial system, while ordinary individuals bear the brunt of their actions. He warns against trusting authorities and highlights the dangers whistleblowers face when trying to expose wrongdoing.

This thought-provoking conversation reveals the hidden side of the financial world and raises important questions about who truly benefits from the current system.

Key Moments:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:15 Financial Madness and the manipulation of money
  • 2:06 Trevor’s personal experience with trading currencies
  • 4:02 The devaluation of the US dollar against the Swiss Franc
  • 5:11 The appreciation of the Swiss Franc and the manipulation of currencies
  • 8:05 Reporting the manipulation to regulatory authorities
  • 10:05 The fines imposed on banks for currency manipulation
  • 11:01 Trevor’s classification as a whistleblower
  • 12:06 The dangers and risks of being a whistleblower
  • 13:00 Trevor’s decision to pursue legal action
  • 15:02 The involvement of algorithmic trading in currency manipulation
  • 19:00 The role of corporations and banks in the manipulation of currencies
  • 22:01 Trevor’s arrest and the criminal defamation case against him
  • 27:01 The lack of trust in authorities and the impact on whistleblowers
  • 31:06 Trevor’s escape from extradition and his current situation
  • 36:52 The high number of detainees in Switzerland without trials
  • 39:23 Advice to individuals who witness wrongdoing or corruption
  • 45:04 Trevor’s contact information (to be provided off-call)
  • 55:54 Conclusion and closing remarks

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