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Who do we have to blame for much of America’s condition today?

Woodrow Wilson. A single look at Wilson’s doctoral thesis would have told us to be careful with him; it was on ending the American System and replacing it with the monarchical system.

That’s what Wilson spent the next 8 years doing; 1913 being a pivotal year of it.

Did women get the right to vote? Yes, and that’s a good thing that he did. Did workers get better protections? Yes, and that’s a good thing he did.

However, the bad permanently changed the country: Income Tax, the Federal Reserve Act, The 17th Amendment, Prohibition, The First World War and many others.

America is permanently changed by the Wilson Presidency.

One editor’s note: I misspoke on the WWI Treaty of Versailles calling it the Treaty of Paris. Yes, there were many Treaties or Paris, but this was one one of them.

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