About This Episode:
In today’s must-watch episode, “Weaponizing Justice: The Unseen Battle for America,” we take a deep dive into the critical examination of America’s justice system and its implications on the Republic’s future. Hosted by Jeremy Ryan Slate, CEO of Command Your Brand and a staunch advocate against cancel culture, this insightful episode brings a unique perspective on how legal battles shape our nation’s path towards liberty and sovereignty.

Join us as we explore the intricate web of justice, freedom, and the unseen forces that threaten America’s core values. With special guest John Pierce, a lawyer with unparalleled experience in high-profile cases, we unravel the complex narrative surrounding January 6 defendants, the weaponization of legal systems, and the fight for America’s constitutional rights.

This episode is a critical examination of the challenges and threats facing our nation today. From cancel culture to the erosion of civil liberties, we provide an authoritative analysis that challenges mainstream perspectives. Whether you’re passionate about immigration, sovereignty, or national pride, this deep dive is tailored to provoke thought and inspire action.

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        • 0:00 – Intro
        • 1:00 – John Pierce Background
        • 2:16 – John Pierce Advocacy
        • 6:27 – Media Influence Legal Cases
        • 10:25 – January 6 Events Explained
        • 12:35 – Critique of Republican Party
        • 15:56 – Sponsor Support
        • 17:28 – January 6 Defendants Future
        • 19:22 – Historical Significance of Current Events
        • 22:41 – State of US Legal System
        • 26:06 – National Constitutional Law Union Introduction
        • 30:24 – Diverging American Realities
        • 32:10 – Supporting John Pierce
        • 32:37 – Engagement Call to Action


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