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Allie Bloyd is a business owner, small business advocate and award-winning marketer. She’s passionate about writing, serving her community, and starting meaningful conversations on important topics. When it comes to writing, inspiration comes from all directions; her family, faith and the important issues facing our country and world today. There are no shortage of topics to discuss, but her goal is to write about these controversial issues in a way that allows readers to draw their own conclusions, expand their horions and challenge their preconceptions. This can be a challenge, but one she feels is worth the effort! After achieving success through her own business and positively impacting small business owners all over the world, she hopes to now use her voice and God-Given talents to spread a message of hope, encourage her readers to think for themselves and question the world around them. Her advice for writers young and old is to share the truth in whatever format comes most naturally to you, even if you aren’t sure others will want to hear it. We all have a voice and the opportunity to make a real impact in the world – so go out there and use them!

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