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Actor and Film Producer, Travis Conover’s newest Action Thriller explores the underground world of sex trade in Atlanta, Georgia and the horrible reality behind one of the most lucrative businesses in the world.

Travis is a professional actor with J Pervis Talent Agency and an independent film maker based in Atlanta, GA. He is the CEO of StoryTeller Film Company which is a full service production company able to shoot anything from commercials to feature films.

Travis started his performance career touring with the extreme martial arts demo team Team Pil-Sung under the leadership of Master Adam Grogin. He made his on-screen acting debut, co-starring in “The Trial of Everett Mann” which won several awards throughout some of the largest film festivals in the world including the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Shortly after Travis booked and acting and producing role in “The Penitent Thief” which hit theaters during Easter season of 2020.

During Travis’ career he has written and produced several shorts and even features. Currently, Travis is in talks with a major studio and director to star in his newest Action Adventure film.

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