June was an amazing month for the Create Your Own Life podcasts. The show has started to get into the higher echelons of business, climbing up the charts in business. This month we had successful people from all works of life, from superstar salesman to best-selling authors. All gave us the advice that we need to create life on our own terms. Here are the most downloaded episodes of June, by the numbers!

1. Alex Morton
Alex Morton is the true definition of a young hustler. He got his start in real estate but saw a ton of opportunity in network marketing making his first million before age 25.


2. Tony Horton
Tony failed at over 20 business before he made it big, and with creating P90X, he made it huge. Tony is a prime example of working smart and staying consistent.

3. David Brier
In his return to the show, David gives us the 9 vital questions that we need to ask, or we don’t have any place starting a business.

4. Robert Greene
Robert Greene truly defined not only the laws of power but also what it means to create mastery, in a viewpoint that takes us through his journey of mastery.

5. Jason Bay
Jason learned how not to be a nice guy and also showed us what it really takes for Gen Y to create success that lasts.

6. Preston Smiles
Preston Smiles has been through some amazing things to get to where he is today, AND he has a powerful message of Loving Louder!