About This Episode:
In this must-watch episode, “TikTok Ban: Liberty vs. CCP Control – The Showdown Begins!”, we dive deep into the heart of the controversy surrounding the potential banning of TikTok. As your host, Jeremy Ryan Slate, CEO and cofounder of Command Your Brand, I bring you a critical examination of this pivotal moment, exploring the intricate balance between national security and individual freedoms. This insightful episode is not just another discussion; it’s a unique perspective that challenges the narratives fed by mainstream media and delves into the implications of CCP control versus the principles of liberty.

Join us as we navigate the complex landscape of the TikTok bill, unpacking its potential as the Patriot Act for the 21st century and its impact on our fight against what I consider one of the greatest threats to our national integrity. Through a series of articles and a meticulous analysis of the bill’s language, we uncover the truth behind bipartisan support and the fears surrounding data privacy, national security, and the sovereignty of our digital landscape.

But this episode goes beyond mere analysis. It’s a call to action for every citizen who values freedom, privacy, and the future of our digital world. As we dissect the multifaceted sides of this issue, we invite you to join the conversation. What do you think about the TikTok ban? Is it a necessary step for national security, or a dangerous precedent for censorship and control?

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Let’s keep the dialogue going. Share your views, and let’s build a future where liberty and security coexist, not at the expense of each other, but in harmony for a stronger, freer society.


        • 0:00 – Intro
        • 2:59 – CNN TikTok Ban Article
        • 7:17 – TikTok Ban Bill Language
        • 12:35 – TikTok Ban Definitions
        • 15:11 – Covered Company Explanation
        • 16:42 – Foreign Adversary App Discussion
        • 19:50 – Judicial Review Process
        • 21:04 – Trump’s TikTok Stance
        • 22:46 – Jeff Yass TikTok Opinion
        • 25:24 – CCP ByteDance Relationship
        • 27:14 – ByteDance CCP Influence
        • 28:00 – Final Thoughts on TikTok Ban
        • 29:22 – Outro

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