About This Episode:
Was 1913 the year that sealed America’s fate, transforming it forever? In this must-watch, insightful episode of Create Your Own Life, I, Jeremy Ryan Slate, take you on a deep dive into the pivotal events of 1913 that arguably stripped America of its sovereignty. With my background in history and years of dedicated research, I bring a unique perspective to these critical moments in time. We’ll explore the Income Tax Act, the 17th Amendment, and the Federal Reserve Act—three monumental changes that continue to shape our nation’s problems and sovereignty issues. This episode is not just a historical analysis; it’s a call to action, offering solutions on how we can address these century-old decisions.

Join me in this controversial, thought-provoking journey as we dissect how 1913 might have been the year America ceased to be a republic. Whether you’re a history aficionado, a political enthusiast, or someone deeply concerned about America’s future, this episode promises a fresh, analytical perspective on issues often glossed over.

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      • 0:00 – Intro
      • 1:18 – Progressive Era Overview
      • 2:10 – Income Tax Act 1913 Introduction
      • 5:06 – 17th Amendment Explained
      • 6:38 – Federal Reserve Act 1913 Analysis
      • 10:16 – Support Our Show
      • 11:06 – Support Our Sponsors
      • 11:48 – 16th Amendment Discussion
      • 16:33 – Federal Reserve Act Deep Dive
      • 18:17 – Solutions to Modern Issues
      • 20:13 – End of Republic Analysis
      • 20:20 – Podcast Engagement Tips
      • 20:35 – Thanks for listening!

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