About This Episode:
Dive into the heart of global power dynamics with “Global Illusion: Unveiling the Truth Behind Multipolarism.” In this insightful episode, Jeremy Ryan Slate, CEO of Command Your Brand and a fervent advocate for liberty and freedom, engages in a riveting conversation with journalist and anti-globalist fighter Iurie Rosca. Together, they embark on a deep dive into the illusion of multipolarism, challenging the narrative that surrounds alternative power centers and exposing the underlying forces shaping our world. From the origins of the UN to the pervasive influence of transnational corporations and the rise of digital currencies, this discussion leaves no stone unturned.

Rosca, with his unique perspective honed from over 40 years in journalism and politics, offers a critical examination of the interconnectedness of nations and the manipulation of conflicts to advance a globalist agenda. This episode is a must-watch for anyone seeking to understand the complexities of global governance and the importance of resisting the erosion of personal freedoms.

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Key Moments:

      • 0:00 – Introduction
      • 2:19 – Understanding Multipolarism
      • 9:55 – Globalist Agenda Targets
      • 21:38 – Federal Reserve and BRICS Connection
      • 28:00 – Sponsor Segment
      • 29:33 – Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) Insight
      • 33:32 – Leadership in Crisis Times
      • 36:56 – Globalist Impact on Unity
      • 42:02 – Architects of the Global Agenda
      • 43:20 – Strategies for Freedom and Resistance
      • 47:00 – Elon Musk’s Influence
      • 49:41 – Impact on Younger Generations
      • 51:04 – The Great Awakening Explained
      • 54:09 – Connecting with Iurie Rosca

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