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Roger Stone is a Republican strategist, consultant and author. He is most often described as a self-confessed political dirty trickster and longtime Trump adviser, given to flamboyance in tailoring and swinging as well as campaign stunts.

Now 70, Stone started out as a student volunteer on Richard Nixon’s re-election campaign in 1972, “Pulling… penny-ante tricks” against Democrats or, in the Nixonian vernacular, “ratf**king” the president’s opponents.

Before Nixon’s downfall in 1974, amid the Watergate scandal, Stone worked for the Committee to Re-elect the President, or ‘CREEP’.

After Nixon, Stone, who has a tattoo of the 37th president on his back, worked with Paul Manafort and Charles Black to build a Washington lobbying firm that flourished in the 1980s, often representing clients other firms might have found unsavoury.

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