DetoxHappy Wellness Wednesday! There are many opinions out there on detoxing, but I am of the opinion that it is something necessary for the body to do, in order to function properly. The American diet is not exactly friendly to the body, globally, people eat a lot more friendly to the body than we do. There are a quite a few benefits to having a better run body system. I usually run detoxes with my clients for seven days, including the use of lemon water upon waking. My clients have been very successful running the TLS Seven Day Detox, and it has really set them up for success.

  1. Breaking Caffeine Addictions : we are not meant to consume caffeine in the quantities that we do as human beings. Many times we can raise our energy level, just be drinking 32 oz of water an the right nutrition in the morning. However, if you are a heavy coffee drinker, you need to break your addiction which will take about 2-4 miserable days.
  2. Balancing the Body’s PH: we eat a diet rich in inflation, especially coffee. Being too alkaline or too acidic is really bad for the body and actually promotes things such as arthritis. Detoxing can bring the body back to a homeostasis where a lot of old pains feel quite the bit better.
  3. Weight Loss: a well executed detox has been shown to help individuals lose 7-10 pounds of body fat in a 7 day period. Its a nice jump start to a weight loss journey.
  4. Clean Liver and Kidneys: our filtration systems tend to work over time, and a detox really helps them to get back to full functioning.
  5. An Overall Feeling of Wellness: lemon juice is also a natural antibiotic and has been show to help fight disease states in the body. Its consumption for a 7 day period can help the body fight and repair.