About This Episode:
In a riveting episode of the “Jeremy Ryan Slate Podcast,” Jeremy collaborates with Seth Holehouse, the insightful voice behind “Man in America.” Together, they embark on a journey to unravel the intricate tapestry of global power dynamics, delving into the age-old battle between light and darkness, good and evil. Amidst a world filled with competing narratives, they pose a pressing question: Who truly stands as the real enemy?

Seth offers a profound perspective on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), shedding light on its deep-rooted influence and its intertwining with the globalist agenda. More than just a political entity, he emphasizes the broader specter of communism—a force that seamlessly transcends national boundaries, impacting societies at large.

But it’s not all about challenges; the conversation pivots to empowerment. They discuss actionable steps every individual can adopt to safeguard their freedoms. From the merits of food self-sufficiency and the potential of alternative energy sources to the benefits of homeschooling, the duo provides a roadmap to resist undue control.

This enlightening dialogue not only paints a vivid picture of the current geopolitical landscape but also kindles a beacon of hope—a vision of a future where tyranny no longer casts its shadow.

Key Moments:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:37 The Plot to Steal America
  • 3:09 What is the Group We Should Care About?
  • 5:24 Who Are We Really At War With?
  • 14:38 European Banking and the CCP
  • 25:49 The Battle of Good and Evil
  • 29:41 Five Pillars of Control in the United States
  • 37:23 Self-Sufficient Living
  • 41:55 2024 Will Be the Most Terrible Year Yet

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