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Dr. Ravasi is an expert in Balkan affairs, South Central Europe, and the Middle East, carrying the designation of Highly Qualified Expert per DNI. She advises U.S. corporate, government, and nongovernmental organization clients on matters affecting their plans, interests, and operations in these regions. Currently, she serves as a Board member, regional expert, and adviser to Crime Stoppers Global Solutions (CSGS), a U.S.-based international nongovernmental organization committed to combating transnational crime.

Olga was instrumental in facilitating CSGS’s introducton and engagement in the Republic of Serbia to establish a Serbia-based organization and its center in the Balkan region. She developed, implemented, and leads the organization’s integrated messaging, government relations, media, and alliance development strategy in Serbia.

Her high-profile efforts have secured access and influence for CSGS with top Serbian Government leaders and appearances, interviews, and reporting in top Serbian media outlets, resulting in millions of dollars’ worth of positive earned (unpaid) media coverage. Olga has provided business advisory services to corporate clients with interests in the Balkan region. She has developed and delivered high-value research, political analysis, and business intelligence and insights in country and regional reporting.

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