About This Episode:
In this thought-provoking interview, education expert Corey DeAngelis discusses the importance of school choice and its potential to revolutionize our education system. He highlights the failures of the current system, pointing out how the United States spends more on education than any other country, yet lags behind in international assessments. DeAngelis explains how school choice empowers parents to take control of their children’s education by allowing funding to follow the student, giving families the option to choose the best educational provider for their child. He also addresses concerns about curriculum control and the impact of school choice on private schools.

Drawing on recent successes in states like Arizona and North Carolina, DeAngelis shares how the school choice movement is gaining momentum, with parents and politicians alike recognizing the need for change. He emphasizes the importance of creating a climate of opinion where it becomes politically profitable for politicians to support school choice, regardless of party affiliation.

DeAngelis also discusses his upcoming book, “The Parent Revolution: Rescuing Your Kids From The Radicals Ruining Our Schools,” which delves deeper into the challenges and solutions surrounding education reform.

Key Moments:

      • 0:00 Introduction
      • 0:25 Education spending and its impact
      • 2:01 Logistical aspects of school choice
      • 4:00 Potential impact of school choice on private schools
      • 6:11 Addressing concerns about curriculum control
      • 8:05 The rise of homeschooling and its effect on education
      • 10:04 The need for reform in colleges of education
      • 12:08 The current state of education in the U.S.
      • 13:13 Success of school choice initiatives in different states
      • 19:26 The influence of teachers unions on education policy
      • 23:06 The performance of the U.S. education system compared to other countries
      • 25:40 The political landscape of school choice
      • 29:03 The impact of parental activism on education reform
      • 33:48 Conclusion

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