pompeyPreviously Pompey the Great has not been given the credit that he deserves by posterity, this book seeks to give him that credit. Pompey was the inspiration for Augustus. Though Pompey did not achieve his own apotheosis, he inspired Augustus to his own.


The Cult of Pompey

The Cult of the Divine Caesars carried on for almost 400 years, but its ¬†cause has been obscured by history. I read an article several years ago by Fr Cuthbert Lattey called “Augustus at Actium,” I noticed that Augustus worshiped the body of Alexander. History had looked at Alexander as a god, but I found something a bit more interesting. Augustus did some A / B testing; his father, Julius way or Pompey’s way. The Julio-Claudian’s tied themselves to the goddess Venus, but Pompey tied himself to the divine model, Alexander the Great. Pompey’s model proved much more doable, and Augustus, being the smart man he was, followed the blueprint, and was loved by his people; a divine king.