plank-on-elbowsThere is one exercise that all my clients hate the most. They do not just hate it, but rather, they despise it. That exercise is the plank! Almost all of my workouts are built on core exercises, because a healthy and strong core can change a lot of things for a client. Many complain on back issues that may just be from a weak core, and in conjunction with chiropractic can change a lot of things for them.

A weak core tends to be the issue with many exercises. Weak bench press? Sounds like a bad core. Weak squats? Sounds like a bad core. It’s something to really keep in mind and the main reason, in addition to proper diet, that many of my clients have been so successful.

A plank is a must to any workout regimen and will really change things for a person. What is a plank? A plank is pushup position, where the weight is placed upon the forearms. Planks are held for time, and usually have to be gradually moved up. For most new clients, I start at 30 seconds and move up 15-30 seconds at a time, eventually topping out somewhere near 2 minutes for the more advanced clients.

Posture is very important to plank, keeping the body rigid, with knees up and the butt held down, not arched. Breathing control, just like in yoga is important here, smooth, even breathing will make planks easier.