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In 2005, Michael Andreacchi co-founded Junk King out of his two-car garage in San Carlos, California. Today, Michael and his team have franchised more than 100 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Throughout his experience as the CEO of Junk King, Michael has specialized in areas of franchising, operations, advertising and branding. He is an innovative business leader who has built a strong team of dedicated and innovative individuals who continue to find ways to enhance the junk removal experience.

Michael has a strong focus on high growth business expansion and operational excellence – this means making sure that Junk King remains an environmentally-conscious, customer-focused service for residences and businesses. His willingness to listen to others and share his passion, enthusiasm and common sense has helped lead to the success he and his associates have enjoyed.

For Michael, being a good leader means making decisions on the fly, taking calculated risks, hiring people smarter than him, allowing his team to do their job, setting ego aside and focusing on growth and efficiency every second of the day.

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