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John Chan is a fighter. He knows how to roll up his sleeves and get to work. He never planned on entering ​into politics but after watching our country dwindle so fast and seeing how many politicians are not doing ​what is right for the people, John knew he needed to step up to the plate and get involved before it was too ​late.

John is an America First Conservative running for House District 97 in Georgia.

John was born in America to Chinese parents who fled on foot to Hong Kong when the communists took ​over in 1949. They saved up every penny they could to emigrate to the US in 1966 for fear of the ​communists taking control of Hong Kong. John was born in Columbus, Ohio.

John’s first job was delivering Newspapers for the Columbus Despatch at the age of 8. It was there that he ​learned discipline, tenacity, character and resolve to reach the level of success he has reached today. After ​graduating from high school, John pursued his studies at UCLA. where he earned and Economics degree ​and then started a very successful business career winning many awards and helping 100’s of people start ​onto a new career path which allowed them to build a happy life for them and their families.

John is a fervent believer in pushing through the barriers to get the job done. He feels Americans should ​always be able to own and manage their own property. He is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment ​and the perils of giving the Government too much power over our lives.

He is an ‘America First’ patriot who will secure our elections and only vote for support of those coming into ​our country legally. His actions will be geared towards creating jobs and empowering businesses with lower ​taxes and regulations. He is against CRT and all sexual indoctrination of our children and will do all in his ​power to remove this from the Georgia schools.

John knows how to expose the Socialist Democratic policies and reveal their absurdity to all.

John Chan is a real American success story.

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