Its taken me a long time time to figure out what it is a really want from life. I guess when you look at it, a lot sooner than a lot of people took to figure out what they want. I was recently reading an article about creating a hashtag and I thought what is it that I’m really trying to achieve.

Boom! A light went off in my head and thats when I really got it. I’m driving for something, I’m pushing for something. What is it?

I have this desire for freedom to create it to have it, to give it. I want to help others create their life, thats what I realized. I couldn’t care less how much or how little I have, because I know what I really want from life. It took a long time to realize what that was.


Why You Need to Create Your Own Life

I looked at my life and decided what my ideal day would look like and thats when I really decided the most important thing that I want from life is freedom. That has always been my main point is freedom, every opportunity and business and career I evaluated. Its not a laziness, I’m a hard worker when I find something that drives me, but rather its that the freedom to just pack up and do my own thing is my main driving point.

I want to help others find what it is their ideal day may look like, I think from their they can begin to create their lives. I want to give inspiration but also a solid plan with how people can create their life.

Decide what you want and go get it. Don’t live the life that you fall into or have no choice of or someone else’s plan; create your life.