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James Arthur Ray Biography:
James Arthur Ray is a New York Times Bestselling Author, philosopher, and consultant who has worked with over 1 million people from 146 countries through his coaching and leadership programs. He is the author of six books, including the New York Times Bestseller, Harmonic Wealth, and has appeared on numerous TV shows including Oprah, Larry King and the Today Show. In 2009, he lost everything after a tragic accident and became homeless with $20M in debt. He has since rebuilt his life using the same strategies he teaches his clients. His story is told in the CNN documentary, Enlighten Us. Ray is on a mission to positively impact a minimum of one billion lives and businesses worldwide.

Bersabeh Ray Biography:
Bersabeh Ray was born in Iran in 1981 during the Iran-Iraq War. Growing up, her childhood disappeared into a cloud of death, violence, and instability. She experienced many traumatic events such as witnessing the military force take her parents when she was only four years old. Her family escaped to Pakistan when she was seven and eventually smuggled themselves to the United States. She faced many challenges growing up, such as not speaking English, falling into gang behavior and drug culture. Bersabeh was in abusive relationships for years before finding the self-confidence and courage to leave. In 2013 she met James Arthur Ray and she helped him rebuild his life after he lost everything. As an intuitive consultant, Bersabeh helps people heal from their past and take their power back.

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